Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brunch at Little Dom's

Scrambled eggs bruschetta

Little Dom's scrambled eggs bruschetta ($10), served on a grilled baguette with a dollop of pesto, roasted roma tomato, and lightly dressed baby greens, was delicious and a perfect portion. I should've asked for a steak knife, though; it was a bitch to cut through and too messy to simply pick up with my hands.

Housemade granola and yogurt

This was Nathan's. Whenever he orders granola at a restaurant (which is rare, but not unheard of), the server invariably thinks it's for me. Anyway, I didn't try this. It's granola and yogurt ($8). What more can I say?

Grilled Italian sausage

The grilled sausage ($5) is housemade at Little Dom's, so I was looking forward to sampling it. But WOW was it salty. Completely overpowered by salt. Like almost inedibly so, but Nathan managed to finish it.

Fried potatoes

These fried potatoes ($4) looked to be whole slices of potato, maybe boiled first and then gently smashed onto a frying surface, flavored with garlic and a good squeeze of lemon. At least that's how I'm going to try to replicate them at home.


NLS said...

This post actually made me more hungry for the granola than for the sausage.

SinoSoul said...


tried to hit up Lil Dom for dinner last Thursday, cept my buddy thought the room was "empty" and decided not to get on the wait list. Too bad he was staring at the Deli, not the dining room. DER!

hane said...

ha! best to make a reservation for dinner anyway. however, went again for brunch last weekend, and again i gotta say it was inconsistent. my eggs funghi were delicious, but my bacon was seriously half flabby and half completely burnt. (though our french friend who was with us claimed that was simply the "european" way to cook