Monday, December 13, 2010

What's the Buzz? HenriettaHaus Coffee Roasters

HenriettaHaus display at the Oakland County Farmers Market, Michigan

Some people’s idea of a fresh cup of coffee is being first in line at Starbucks. How about roasting the coffee beans yourself in your own home? That’s what Amy Duncan started doing several years ago using an ordinary stovetop popcorn popper.

One mean coffee bean roasting machine

Today, this 2-kg Ambex commercial roaster is a more sophisticated means to produce the beans for HenriettaHaus Coffee Roasters, Amy's brand-new Wyandotte, Michigan-based business. But quality is still the top priority, and each small batch gets all the care and personal attention as those first roasts on her kitchen stove. Food Comma got to see the process up close in a private demonstration of the Henriettahaus Coffee Roasters works during a recent visit to Mr. Comma's home state.

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1. The Ambex is fired up. 2. A small batch of raw, organic coffee beans is carefully measured out. 3. Once the roaster reaches the proper temperature, the beans are fed in. 4. Periodically through the roasting process, Amy checks for color and aroma. 5. When ready, the batch is cooled and given a final inspection for any beans that have not achieved a perfect roast. 6. The freshly roasted coffee beans are ready to be weighed and packaged.

Each bag is hand stamped and labeled with the coffee's country of origin and date of roast

HenriettaHaus is just beginning to hit the market in the Detroit area, where it can be purchased at the Burton Theater in Cass Corridor, at the Oakland County Farmers Market in Waterford Township, and via direct, personal delivery around Detroit, Ann Arbor, and environs. But even outside Michigan, this handcrafted, small-batch coffee can be shipped right to your door, whole beans or ground. Makes an excellent stocking stuffer! Send an email to for all the details.

Read Food Comma's previous interview with Amy about her inspiration for HenriettaHaus and how she got started.

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erin said...

Amazing coffee! I'm so glad you posted about HenriettaHaus. We drank the bag you and Nathan gave us so quickly, I forgot to write down the Web site. XO