Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Praise of Eggs Benedict

Last night’s Top Chef elimination challenge paired each of five remaining contestants with a “last meal” requested by a multigenerational panel of the culinary world’s elite. Nine-Lives Leah drew Wylie Dusfresne, whose gastronomic molecules craved eggs Benedict. Once again, Leah, like, sucked ass on the challenge, but this time she was finally axed for it. Whatever.

Like Wylie, I, too, could probably eat eggs Benedict every day, but after a three-day stretch in which I did exactly that, I realized that if I kept it up, it very likely would be my last meal. Below are some examples of the classic brunch dish, traditionally composed of a toasted English muffin topped with Canadian bacon and silky poached eggs, smothered in rich, tangy hollandaise. (Click image to enlarge.)

Photos by Hane C. Lee

Clockwise from top left:
Madame Matisse, Silverlake. I have no idea what made the hollandaise that atomic color.
Home Restaurant, Silverlake. Thoroughly mediocre. What made the meal memorable was that it was accompanied by possibly the worst service ever.
Proof on Main, Louisville, Kentucky. Their version uses Kentucky grit cakes and country ham.
Alabama Hills Cafe, Lone Pine. Hearty fare at a favorite stop between LA and Mammoth.
Paula’s Pancake House, Solvang. Very popular joint in Southern California's Danish Disneyland.
Colonial Kitchen, San Marino. Old-school family restaurant with reliable food and warm staff.


NLS said...

Indeed the new Home at the old Rudopho's location had the absolute worst service I have ever encountered. That and the totally unmemorable food have made me never to want to go there again.

Klaus Croissant said...

Quality Food & Beverage, WeHo. The Roasted Salmon Eggs Benedict & their buttermilk biscuits.
Prune, nYc. The Classic Eggs Benedict & their 12 different Bloody Mary's (all of Prune's Bloody Mary's come with a beer).

nikisma said...

i thought leah should have gone home last week. she came out of the gate well but each week she got lamer and the miso butter fiasco should have sent her packing. i'm rooting for crazy carla!

HH said...

Shoot! Monsieur Croissant really knows his eggs b.